Religious Student vs. Philosophy Professor: Both Sides

According to the (conservative Christian) American Center of Law and Justice, Gina — a student at Suffolk County Community College — was wronged by her professor before the ACLJ made things right.

Gina had a 3.9 GPA and was initially doing fine in her philosophy class… until the subject of God’s existence came article

Jogging Jesus

8 Memos from God's desk

God is really busy, so sometimes he doesn't always have time to deal with problems directly. When that happens, just like your boss, he sends a memo.Link

School Prayer

Jesus quotes you'll never hear in church

Christians love to rail against hateful language in the Koran, saying that the extremist teachings there can be used to justify violence. Well, it’s in the Bible too–all over the article

If Atheists Ruled the World

Raptor Jesus

Pagan Easter

What is the origin of the name “Easter” that commemorates the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus? The word is not found in the Bible, so where does it come from?
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Go to Hell

You are going to hell, if on

Why is Charlotte angry?

Charlotte Allen is very, very angry with us atheists -- that's the only conclusion that can be drawn from her furious broadside in The Times on May 17. She can't stand us; we're unpopular; we're a problem. What, exactly, is the greatest crime of modern atheists?

We're article

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